Broadway Lights

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Broadway Lights

Broadway Lights

By: Jen Calonita

series:Secrets of My Hollywood Life #5
audio performed by: Roxanne Hernandez
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:02/21/2017


Her star power in demand on a hit Broadway play, Hollywood teen starlet Kaitlin Burke packs up her entourage (ok, her showbiz family, friends, assistant, and publicist, but not the dreamy boyfriend) and moves to the Big Apple for the summer. Kaitlin is the toast of the town and she hits the most exclusive New York nightspots, enjoys the best food (Hello, Magnolia Bakery), and even guests as a celebrity host on Saturday Night Live!

But New York isn't all cupcakes and virgin daiquiris. Long distance and a handsome new co-star put a huge strain on her relationship with Austin, and it turns out Broadway divas are a whole different breed of neuroses and competition from Hollywood starlets.