Here Comes Exterminator!

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Here Comes Exterminator!

Here Comes Exterminator!

The Longshot Horse, the Great War, and the Making of an American Hero

By: Eliza McGraw

audio performed by: Nicol Zanzarella
genre: Entertainment - Sports
publication date:09/20/2016


The father of the Kentucky Derby called him "the greatest all-around Thoroughbred in American racing history". Sportswriter Grantland Rice simply called him "the greatest racehorse". Now Eliza McGraw tells the story of how a gangling, long-shot Kentucky Derby winner named Exterminator became one of the most beloved racehorses of all time.

Here Comes Exterminator! draws listeners into the golden age of racing, with all its ups and downs, the ever-involving interplay of horses and people, and the beauty, grace, fear, and hope that are a daily part of life at the track. Caught between his hotheaded millionaire owner and his knowledgeable trainer, Exterminator captured fans' affection with his personality, consistency, athleticism, and heart.

Exterminator's staggering success would dramatically change the world of horse racing. He challenged the notion that American horses would never live up to Europe's meticulously charted bloodlines and became a patriotic icon of the country after World War I. And his longevity established him as one of the public's most beloved athletes, paving the way for equine celebrities like Seabiscuit and showing Americans they could claim - and love - a famous racehorse as their own.