VAIN - Part Two

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VAIN - Part Two

VAIN - Part Two

By: Deborah Bladon

series:VAIN #2
audio performed by: Morias Almeida
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:09/20/2016


From New York Times best-selling author Deborah Bladon, the second part of VAIN, a three-part contemporary romance serial.

Posing nude for the illustrious Noah Foster seemed like an exciting escape from Alexa's life. No one was supposed to find out, but when the one man who owned her heart discovers her secret, everything changes. Alexa is caught not only in a compromising position but in a situation in which her past and present collide.

Determined to build a future for herself, she takes on the dual task of focusing on her career and burying her past regrets. It's never that easy, though, and Noah Foster doesn't give up when he sets his sight on something or someone. As Alexa chases after her own dreams, both men in her life pursue her in a reckless fight to the emotional finish. When one man offers her a proposal almost too tempting to resist, she makes a decision that brings her face to face with an unexpected reality.