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By: Shaun Hutson

audio performed by: Ben Onwukwe
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Horror
publication date:05/31/2016


On the banks of the river Thames a new building is being completed. A stunning creation of glass and concrete that will be a new landmark on London's skyline. The only problem is that people are dying because of it. Dozens of mysterious accidents have claimed lives during the construction of the Crystal Tower.

The owner, an enigmatic Russian businessman, has links to the site reaching back to the 1930s. Is he hiding a dark secret of unstoppable force and malevolence, created by one of his ancestors?

Something evil has been reawakened and no one can stop it.

Born and brought up in Hertfordshire, Shaun Hutson now lives and writes in Buckinghamshire where he has lived since 1986. He has since written over 30 bestselling novels as well as writing for radio, magazines and television.

Shaun has also written exclusively for the Internet, a short story entitled Red Stuff and an interactive story, Savages.

Having made his name as a horror author with bestsellers such as Spawn, Errbus, Relics and Death Day (acquiring the nicknames 'The Godfather of Gore' and 'The Shakespeare of Gore' in the process) he has since produced a number of very dark urban thrillers such as Lucy's Child, Stolen Angels, White Ghost and Purity.

At one time, Shaun Hutson was published under no fewer than six pseudonyms , writing everything from Westerns to non-fiction.

Please note: This title contains graphic violence