Low Road, The

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Low Road, The

Low Road, The

By: Chris Womersley

audio performed by: Dan Wyllie
genre: Literary Fiction - Literary Fiction
publication date:12/01/2015
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A young petty criminal, Lee, wakes in a seedy motel to find a bullet in his side and a suitcase of stolen money next to him, with only the haziest memory of exactly how he got there. Soon he meets Wild, a morphine-addicted doctor who is escaping his own disastrous life.

As the two men forge an unwilling alliance and flee the city, they are pursued through an increasingly alien and gothic landscape by the aging gangster Josef, who must retrieve the stolen money and deal with Lee to ensure his own survival. By the time Josef finally catches up to them, all three men have been forced to confront the parts of themselves they sought to outrun.