Stephen R. Covey's Keys to Personal Development

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Stephen R. Covey's Keys to Personal Development

Stephen R. Covey's Keys to Personal Development

How to Develop Your Personal Mission Statement, Focus, The 3rd Alternative

By: Stephen R. Covey

audio performed by: Stephen R. Covey, Steve Jones, Dr. Breck England
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:11/25/2014
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In addition to his lauded leadership and management expertise, Stephen Covey was also a noted authority on personal development. In this prescriptive collection, listeners discover a powerful toolkit for developing the personal life they desire the most through effective prioritization, results orientation, and conflict resolution. Inside you’ll discover:

How to Develop Your Personal Mission Statement

Stephen Covey offers practical tips for identifying your deepest priorities and living your life guided by them.


Stephen Covey introduces a new way of thinking about personal and professional accomplishment, demonstrating how you can focus on and deliver maximum results every day.

The 3rd Alternative

Stephen Covey approaches conflict resolution through a new lens: the 3rd alternative. This innovative approach helps you move beyond the “my way or the highway” mentality to a place where everyone wins.

The power of this collection will be revelatory to anyone who has mastered Covey’s principles-centered outlook. His experience, insight, and inspiration will guide listeners to a profoundly successful and meaningful life.