Agent 13 and the Invisible Empire: Part 1

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Agent 13 and the Invisible Empire: Part 1

Agent 13 and the Invisible Empire: Part 1

A Radio Dramatization

By: Flint Dille, David Marconi

audio performed by: Tom Berry, The Colonial Radio Players, J.T. Turner
genre: Fiction - Full cast audio drama
publication date:10/25/2016


As a child, he was abducted from his home by an organization known only as The Brotherhood. His past was taken from him. His name, erased. The Brotherhood trained him in the arts of power and deception, and he seemed destined to become one of their finest operatives.

Then he learned the truth. The Brotherhood planned not to guide mankind along the paths of enlightenment but instead to remake the world in their own image. So he fled and swore to stop them by any means necessary. In the fall of 1937, The Brotherhood emerged from its sinister shadows, plotting a debilitating global war. And only one man stood in their way.

Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger. A master of disguise, his quest brings him face to face with new friends and old enemies, devilish death-traps and fatal femmes, and a conspiracy as old as civilization itself.

Bursting forth from the pages of the exciting and popular novels written by Flint Dille (The Transfomers Animated Series, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West) and David Marconi (Enemy of the State, Live Free or Die Hard), the award-winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air presents the next step in thrills and suspense. Filled with vivid performances, immersive sound effects and an exciting original music score, Agent 13 and The Invisible Empire: Part One is a nail-biting production overflowing with action, mystery, adventure, romance, and wit that never comes up for breath.