Thing Between U & Me, The

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Thing Between U & Me, The

Thing Between U & Me, The

…when life goes filmy

By: Sagar

audio performed by: Raj Sidhu
genre: Self Help/Family - Family & Relationships
publication date:01/01/2019


"Those who don't believe in love - like you - or don't have the permission to love someone - like me - often become a part of historical love stories," Samvedna, a typical South Indian girl, says to Saransh, a dying-to-be-wealthy MBA aspirant. Saransh has lovely friends, a rich job and his Aphrodite - Samvedna. Still he searches for something. What is he searching for? How? And where? The Thing Between U & Me is a true love story told so lively that you start growing and living with the characters as they grow and live with you.