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By: Savannah Rylan

series:The Road Rebels MC #2
audio performed by: Tatiana Sokolov, Mason Lloyd
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:09/11/2018


Never touch another club member's sister. 

It's one rule in the MC I'll never understand. 

That means Gemma is off limits. 

Too bad I don't listen to rules very well. 

I'll make Gemma see that she's the only woman for me. 

On my bike, in the clubhouse. She'll be mine. 

The Devil Saints are on our heels though, so I won't get to take my sweet time with her. 

And that's all I want to do. 

If I have to kill somebody to be with her, so be it. 

Those bastards have no idea what it really means to be the devil. 

I'll show them.

Talon (The Road Rebels MC) is a full-length standalone bad-boy motorcycle romance.