Jack & Sadie

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Jack & Sadie

Jack & Sadie

By: JB Salsbury

audio performed by: Blake Richard, Elizabeth Russell
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:12/31/2019


Sadie Slade was the love of my life.

I left for college promising her I'd be back in four years. She stayed behind promising me she'd wait. We both broke our promises.

When we bump into each other five years later, my feelings for her come rushing to the surface.

I want her back. She wants me gone.

How quickly my Sadie Girl has forgotten - I've never been the type of man who accepts defeat. No matter the cost.

Jack Daniels was my entire life.

Until he wasn't. Now he's back and thinks we should pick up where we left off.

I miss the simplicity of what we had. I miss how easily we fit together. Truthfully...I miss him.

But if I allow him to get too close, he'll see I'm not the same girl he left behind five years ago. He thinks I'm upset about our break up. The truth is so much worse.