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By: Cora Brent

series:The Ruins of Emblem #2
audio performed by: Chelsea Hatfield, David Vaughn
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:01/07/2020


May be heard as a complete stand-alone. 

Part of the Gentry spinoff series, The Ruins of Emblem. 

Expect enemies-in-love steam and angst mixed with hot revenge and twists and turns. 

When I was too young to know any better Ryan Jedson fascinated me.
After he went on the run I thought I'd never see him again.
I was wrong.
Now that he's back in town I realize it's a bad idea to catch his eye.
And yet I can't help it.
Sometimes you want the one you shouldn't want.
But there's a complication.
He has no idea that I'm the reason his life fell apart.
And I don't know what he'll do if he ever finds out. 

Back in the day when we were neighbors she was too young, not even worth a second look.
However, six years have gone by and now Leah Brandeis is fair game.
I see how she looks at me.
I understand she thinks her secret is safe.
And I'm playing along.
For now.
But soon the truth will come out and there will be hell to pay.
Because I know what she did.
I've always known.