Smoking Kills

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Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

By: Antoine Laurain

audio performed by: Tim Bentinck
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:05/04/2021


When headhunter Fabrice Valantine faces a smoking ban at work, he decides to undertake a course of hypnotherapy to rid himself of the habit. At first the treatment works, but his stress levels begin to rise when he is passed over for an important promotion and he finds himself lighting up again - but with none of his previous enjoyment. 

Then he discovers something terrible: he accidentally causes a man's death, and needing a cigarette to calm his nerves, he enjoys it more than any other previous smoke. What if he now needs to kill someone every time he wants to properly appreciate his next Benson and Hedges?

An original and totally French black comedy from best-selling author Antoine Laurain.