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By: Ken Lozito

series:First Colony #7
audio performed by: Scott Aiello
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:03/02/2021


They’ve spent years exploring this world, but they were living on borrowed time. Only they didn’t know it.

Six months ago, Connor learned what the alien race that populated New Earth feared - a mysterious enemy who nearly brought about the collapse of an entire civilization. To help the colony prepare for this new threat, Connor rejoins the Colonial Defense Force.

Using alien technology, Connor opens a gateway to another universe hoping to learn more about the threat. Instead, he receives a colonial distress beacon. Six months ago, they’d left people behind on a mission, all presumed dead. The beacon might be them, or it might be a trap, but Connor will not ignore the call for help.

Fearing the beginning of another war, the colonial government would rather do nothing than risk bringing attention to the colony, but it’s already too late. The colony stands upon a crossroads. Its future is uncertain. They’ll have to adapt if they’re to survive.

Vigilance is the seventh book in the bestselling First Colony series.