Reservist, The

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Reservist, The

Reservist, The

By: Jason Anspach, Nick Cole, J.R. Handley

series:Galaxy's Edge: Order of the Centurion #5
audio performed by: Christian Rummel
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:04/06/2021


They promised him one weekend a month. The House or Reason swore the 9th would never leave their gentle homeworld. But after Kublar, things changed for Sergeant Fetch and the Caledonian Reserve Legion Corps. Thrown into a meat grinder conflict in a desperate bid to hold the line, it doesn’t matter whether you’re reserve or active, only that you kill and survive.

A searing tale of combat and honor at any price from a wounded veteran of the War in Iraq who fought to keep the MSRs open from Mosul to Tikrit.