Siblings Only

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Siblings Only

Siblings Only

Read This If You Love Your Brother Or Sister (Even When You Can't Stand Them)

By: January Nelson

audio performed by: Bailey Carr
genre: Self Help/Family - Family & Relationships
publication date:01/31/2017


The best part about a sibling relationship might just be the speed with which you can go from worshipping each other to wanting to pierce each other's eyeballs out with sharp objects. And back again. For at least the first decade of life, sisters and brothers spend more time with each other than anyone else. They grow up together, making memories good and bad at every stage - through shared laughter and joy, but also torment, betrayal, jealousy, tears, and, of course, forgiveness.

Siblings Only is an ode to the special ties formed between sisters and brothers, which stand apart from those forged with peers and even other family members. The bond between siblings is unmatched by any other and it's always worth celebrating - even on the days you can't stand each other.