Love is for Life & Beyond

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Love is for Life & Beyond

Love is for Life & Beyond

By: Yashwant Kanodia

audio performed by: Brian Christopher Bangera
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:05/07/2019


“Love is like a storm. It hits you without a warning and it affects you till your last breath.”  

Nikhil is relishing a perfect life - a family that loves him beyond measure, a dream that he is sure to fulfil, and the love of his life, Shanaya. The day he thinks life couldn't have been better, it unravels its plots one by one, cracking the very foundation of his perfect life and breaking his heart into a million pieces. 

Just when he decides to give up, he crosses paths with Ridhima - a girl with a stained fate who finds in him her fulfillment. Will Nikhil forget his first love, whom he promised to love for life and beyond? 

Love Is for Life and Beyond is a story of love, destiny and dreams, which will wobble your perceptions about love and will coax you to taste the holiness of love. In an era where love can be just a swipe away, can true love find its way back?