Dark is the Moon

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Dark is the Moon

Dark is the Moon

A Tale of the Three Worlds

By: Ian Irvine

series:The View from the Mirror #3
audio performed by: Grant Cartwright
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:08/15/2022
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Rulke the Great Betrayer is free at last, to use the deadly construct he has spent a thousand years perfecting. To succeed he needs just one thing—Karan's sensitive talent.

Karan and her lover Llian are lost in the Nightland, in an alien palace that is collapsing around them. Only Rulke can open the gate and send them home to Santhenar, but Karan is terrified that he will corrupt Llian first.

Yggur and Mendark, sworn enemies, struggle to tame the power of the rift. They must seal the gate before Rulke brings forth his construct. If they fail he will ravage the world. And if they succeed, Karan and Llian will be trapped in the Nightland for eternity.