Sex & Cupcakes

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Sex & Cupcakes

Sex & Cupcakes

A Juicy Collection of Essays

By: Rachel Kramer Bussel

audio performed by: Rose Caraway
genre: Biography - Biography
publication date:02/21/2017
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Sex and Cupcakes is a collection of essays from writer Rachel Kramer Bussel reflecting on her years as a sex columnist and cupcake blogger, detailing her dirty and sweet sides as well as sexual adventures, politics, heartbreak, tattoos, and more. Sex and Cupcakes reveals the woman behind the stereotype, one far more complex than Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolos, a woman willing to expose herself, on paper and in the flesh, who takes risks and gets hurt and keeps on searching for love, sex, passion, and happiness.

Includes essays such as "I'm Pro-Choice and I F***", "Wearing My Tattooed Heart on My Sleeve", "My Boyfriend's Fat", "Champagne Sex", and "Monogamishmash".