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By: Nina Walker

series:The Color Alchemist #4
audio performed by: Emily Bauer, Brittany Pressley, Michael Crouch
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:01/01/2019


When Lucas and Jessa parted ways, everything fell apart. No matter how foolish, no matter what it takes, Jessa is determined to learn the truth. Is Lucas really dead? But the price of answers might be higher than the cost she's willing to pay.  

Turns out, the stakes are higher than ever. Sasha knows that better than anybody.   

She's stranded on the wrong side of the border, caught between two amazing men. It seems both of them hold a piece of her conflicted heart. But there's a war waging, lives are on the line, and true love must wait. When it comes to fighting for the future of alchemy, she'll risk everything, even her own happiness.   

Once again, it's time to dive into the dynamic magic of color. Listen to the stunning conclusion to The Color Alchemist series today!