Palm Beach, Finland

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Palm Beach, Finland

Palm Beach, Finland

By: Antti Tuomainen

audio performed by: James Lailey
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:03/05/2019
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Sex, lies and ill-fitting swimwear...sun protection factor 100.

Jan Nyman, the ace detective of the covert operations unit of the National Central Police, is sent to a sleepy seaside town to investigate a mysterious death. Nyman arrives in the town dominated by a bizarre holiday village - the ‘hottest beach in Finland'. The suspect: Olivia Koski, who has only recently returned to her old hometown. The mission: find out what happened, by any means necessary.

With a nod to Fargo and dark noir, Palm Beach, Finland is both a gripping thriller and a black comedy about lust for money, fleeing dreams and people struggling at turning points in their lives - chasing their fantasies regardless of reason.