El Malo

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El Malo

El Malo

By: K Webster

audio performed by: Seraphina Valentine, Gomez Pugh
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:01/29/2019


Javier Estrada is the king of Mexico. Evil. Twisted. Psychopathic. A cruel madman with a killer smile. And he is my boss.  

My duty is to blend in, clean his home, and not make a peep. I've done my job well for years. I've embedded myself so deep in his world, he's never going to get me out.  

But I am this king's worst nightmare. Bad men like him took everything away from me. I will never forget. He will pay for the sins of many. I'll just bide my time - watching, waiting, calculating - until the time is right. 

When I strike, he won't know what hit him. The monster who rules Mexico with an iron fist may not bow to anyone… But I'm not just anyone.  

He will bow to me.