I Made a Boo Boo

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I Made a Boo Boo

I Made a Boo Boo

A Mom Who Had Parenting All Sorted… Until She Had a Baby

By: Shivangi Sharma

audio performed by: Malvika Shivpuri
genre: Self Help/Family - Parenting
publication date:01/01/2019
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Once upon a time there was a woman who used to sleep eight hours a day and laze around on weekends. Her clothes were mostly free of gross body fluids, and her bag rarely had biscuit crumbs. Then she decided to have a baby. 

With books and the Internet for friends - and a husband who answered commonsensically - she thought she had it all sorted. But then her baby arrived and turned everything upside down! The baby made it his mission to present a new surprise every day. Mommy, after fighting hours of helplessness, came to learn that parenting was a lost battle. There was only one way to survive - keep calm, laugh on and write when the baby dozes. 

The result : I Made a Booboo, a rollicking account of the trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs of a first-time mom.

PS: Everyone did live happily ever after (albeit only when the baby willed so).