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By: Nina Walker

series:The Color Alchemist #3
audio performed by: Emily Bauer, Brittany Pressley, Michael Crouch
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:10/30/2018


Bound by blood and betrayal, she'll destroy this kingdom. 

Trembling in the wake of devastating treachery, can the Loxely sisters finally bring down the royals and all they stand for? 

Jessa and Sasha are finally united in the cause of saving their kingdom and bringing their family back together. The sisters will face their greatest tests yet. Jessa's wedding is coming up faster than she can stop it, but it's Sasha who is running out of time. Things aren't as they seem in the palace, and the one person who can save them is the one they swore to never trust again.