Journey to Nowhere, The

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Journey to Nowhere, The

Journey to Nowhere, The

...Unfortunately a true love story of a medico

By: Diptangshu Das

audio performed by: Sanjiv Jhaveri
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:01/01/2019


Journeys are always meant for destinations. But what if, when they are not.... The Journey to Nowhere is the story of a young couple, fighting against all odds for their love. Aditya, an aspiring medical student, is on a journey to his hometown to meet his love, Pooja, most probably for the last time. On the journey, the various conditions force Aditya to go into a journey amidst the shallow grooves of memories. The story unfolds in Aditya's college, among his various categories of friends. Tanmoy finds his love in a morbid patient, Anirban, the perfect playboy, Kunal, though attached to homosexuality, is a strong protester, and Dr Subhankar Datta the ideal doctor. Everyone moulds Aditya's life in a unique way to get him to the climax. But, it's always the destiny,which can turn anything upside down. What happens when destiny conspires against the lovebirds? What do the stars hold in their bag for these people madly in love?

The Journey to Nowhere is a melodrama of love, hatred , belief, betrayal, emotions, pain, truth and lies. The Journey to epic journey of a lifetime, in just one day... Are you daring enough to join the journey?