Long Lonesome and Vigilante

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Long Lonesome and Vigilante

Long Lonesome and Vigilante

By: H.A. DeRosso

audio performed by: Christopher Graybill, Jeff Lankeshire
genre: Fiction - Western
publication date:10/25/2016


Two westerns by H. A. DeRosso in one collection

"Long Lonesome"

Deep in the Pinnacles of California, Jody and Slim, two gold prospectors, are facing months of hard work in a harsh environment, hoping to find enough gold to finance their business ventures. When Jody begins to show signs of madness, accusing Slim of attempting to steal his wife and his gold, how will Slim survive his violent outbursts alone in the wild and rough Pinnacles?


Virginia City is a place that a man can be proud to call home, a place where a man can settle peacefully and raise his family. But when the harmony is threatened by one of Virginia City's own, how far will one man go in order to keep the peace?