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By: Solease M. Barner

series:Draglen Brothers #6
audio performed by: Summer Morton, Tyler Donne
genre: Romance - Erotica
publication date:11/06/2018


Mature audience only! Explicit sex scenes and language.  

Domlen Draglen does not follow any rules except his own. He does not want to be like his brothers, but his need to find the lady his mother predicts to be his mate has become his focus. He wants to find her and prove his mother wrong so he can go back to his normal life. The only problem is the mouthy, curvy she-wolf interests him, but she's not his type - or is she?  

Tempest Shellin wants to prove she can be essential to her pack. When the drop-dead-sexy dragon shows up for her, she didn't know if she should laugh or cry. To save her pack, she agrees to his rules, but soon finds out Domlen doesn't play fair.  

Will this domineering dragon and mouthy she-wolf find love, or will they allow traditions to keep them apart?