Best American Erotica, Volume 2, The

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Best American Erotica, Volume 2, The

Best American Erotica, Volume 2, The

Slow Dance on the Fault Line

By: Susie Bright, Marianna Beck, J. Maynard

audio performed by: Stefan Rudnicki, Kathe Mazur, Theo McKell
genre: Romance - Erotica
publication date:08/02/2016


The Best American Erotica, Volume 2, a national best seller, features literary erotic stories by Chris Offutt, John Preston, Pat Califia, and Leslie Feinberg.

Included in this collection:

  • "Gorgeous" by J. Maynard
  • "C is for Closet, Crevice, and Colossus" by Marianna Beck
  • "From the Same River Twice" by Chris Offut
  • "Absolution" by John Preston
  • "PG Diary" by Linda Hooper
  • "Big Nouns, Unconjugated Verbs" by Bart Plantenga
  • "Love Art" by Debra Martens
  • "Better Safe" by Michael Lowenthal
  • "Slow Dance on the Fault Line" by Donald Rawley
  • "Cool and Clean and Crisp" by Mark Butler
  • "Unsafe Sex" by Pat Califia
  • "Elegy for Andy Gibb" by Danielle Willis
  • "Finally, a Coherent Explanation of Straight White Male Sexuality" by Sigfried Gold
  • "Intercore" by M. Christian
  • "Full Metal Corset" by Anne Tourney
  • "Sweating Profusely in Merida" by Carol Queen
  • From Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
  • "None of the Above" by Bernadette Lynn Bosky
  • "The Waking State" by Gerry Pearlberg
  • "A Tooth for Every Child" by Abigail Thomas

Previously published as Best American Erotica 1994.