My Secret Garden

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My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden

Women's Sexual Fantasies

By: Nancy Friday

audio performed by: Cindy Harden, Raquel Harris, Douglas Berger, Yvonne Syn, Phil McCraken, Annie Hinkle, Elle Finoh
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:07/10/2018


Nancy Friday's taboo-shattering best seller My Secret Garden is the most popular and controversial book of women's sexual fantasies ever published. Women who feared their erotic fantasies called it scandalous. Women who recognized their own fantasies in its pages, rejoiced. Outspoken, graphic, vulnerable and shameless, My Secret Garden is a classic study of female sexuality. 

Friday interviewed hundreds of women from every part of the country to learn their sexual private thoughts, and she listened like no one else. Now in audio for the first time, a multi-cast group of top actors dramatize the real voices of women speaking freely like they never had before.