My Mother/My Self

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My Mother/My Self

My Mother/My Self

The Daughter's Search for Identity

By: Nancy Friday

audio performed by: Raquel Harris, Phil McCraken
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:07/10/2018
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When Nancy Friday began her research for My Mother/My Self in the early 1970s no work existed that explored the unique interaction between mother and daughter. Today psychotherapists throughout the world acknowledge that if women are to be able to love without possessing, to find work that fulfills them, and to discover their full sexuality, they must first acknowledge their identity as separate from their mother's. Nancy Friday's book played a major role in that acceptance. The greatest gift a good mother can give remains unquestioning love planted deep in the first year of life, so deep and unassailable that the tiny child grown to womanhood is never held back by the fear of losing that love, no matter what her own choice in love, sexuality, or work may be. 

Through candid self-disclosure and hundreds of interviews, Friday investigates a generational legacy and reveals the conflicting feelings of anger, hate, and love that daughters hold for their mothers - and why they so often “become” that mother themselves.