Highland Wolf

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Highland Wolf

Highland Wolf

By: Lois Greiman

series:Highland Brides #3
audio performed by: Gemma Johansson
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:06/14/2016


A handsome diplomat on a deadly mission to deliver a priceless necklace is in no position to get involved with a common tavern wench—no matter how breathtakingly beautiful she is.'

But there's more to the lovely tavern wench than Roman Forbes first surmises (including his pocket watch, which somehow made its way into her possession). With a bounty on her head, Tara Griffin cannot afford to fall for the handsome Roman, a nobleman who has no place for a commoner in his life.'

But when the search for a treasure to save a man's life brings the nobleman and the wench together on a special mission, fate sweeps them into each other's arms. And running to save their lives, Roman and Tara discover an overwhelming passion—and an everlasting love.'