Second Hand Heart

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Second Hand Heart

Second Hand Heart

By: Catherine Ryan Hyde

audio performed by: Khristine Hvam, Anthony Bowden
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:07/21/2015


Can a heart remember the people it once loved?

By Catherine Ryan Hyde, the bestselling author of Pay It Forward, Second Hand Heart is a warm and wonderful novel of love, unexpected chances, and inconceivable loss—of learning to live for the first time, and learning to live all over again.

Vida is 19 and has a life-threatening heart condition. Richard is 36 and has just lost his beloved wife in a car accident. When Richard is invited to the hospital to meet the young woman who received his wife's donor heart, Vida takes one look at him and feels she's loved him all her life. Is Vida just a sheltered and confused young woman? Or is there truth behind the theory of cellular memory? Can a heart remember, at least for a time, on its own?

An unusual and surprising love story, Second Hand Heart is a compelling listen that will appeal to fans of Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks, and to anyone who has ever been curious about the limits of love and death.