Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie [Kindle in Motion]

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Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie [Kindle in Motion]

Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie [Kindle in Motion]

By: Harold Schechter

series:Bloodlands collection #2
audio performed by: Steven Weber
genre: True Crime - True Crime
publication date:06/28/2018
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At a remote little inn not far from the Kansas homestead of Laura Ingalls Wilder lived the Bender family. These pioneers welcomed unwary visitors with jackrabbit stew and a sledgehammer to the skull.

In time, their apple orchard gave up its secrets—a burial ground for their mutilated victims, each stripped of their possessions. The devilish enterprise on “Hell’s Half-Acre” would earn the Bloody Benders an undying place in the annals of American infamy. But it was the mysterious fate of eldest daughter, Kate, that would make them the stuff of mythic campfire prairie tales.

Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie is part of Bloodlands, a chilling collection of short page-turning historical narratives from bestselling true-crime master Harold Schechter. Spanning a century in our nation’s murderous past, Schechter resurrects nearly forgotten tales of madmen and thrill-killers that dominated the most sensational headlines of their day.