Winnie and Wilbur Volume 3

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Winnie and Wilbur Volume 3

Winnie and Wilbur Volume 3

By: Laura Owen, Korky Paul

series:Winnie and Wilbur
audio performed by: Amy Enticknap
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:03/27/2018


If you think you know Winnie and Wilbur, think again! The third volume of hilarious adventures for listeners 6 years and over!

In the third collection of stories celebrating the wonderful relationship shared by Winnie the Witch and her cat, Wilbur, the troublesome duo try a bit of detective work, find themselves the surprise winners of a television poetry competition and battle with a grumpy tooth fairy—and that’s only the beginning of their wacky adventures!


  • Detective Winnie
  • Winnie’s Different Day
  • Woolly Wilbur
  • Winnie Goes Wild
  • Winnie’s Awful Aunty
  • Winnie Goes Cleaning
  • Winnie and the Ghost in the Post
  • Minnie Winnie
  • Winnie and the Toof Fairy
  • Itchy Witchy
  • Winnie’s One-Witch Band
  • Winnie Says Cheese
  • Winnie’s Perfect Pet
  • Winnie Fixes It
  • Winnie’s School Dinner
  • Winnie the Twit
  • Winnie’s Knickers
  • Car Boot Winnie
  • Winnie Scores
  • Winnie’s Big Catch