Balga Boy Jackson

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Balga Boy Jackson

Balga Boy Jackson

By: Mudrooroo

audio performed by: Kirk Page
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:06/12/2018


Mudrooroo returns to his roots to give us the striking and evocative story of an Australian Black Boy.

...a boy born long ago in 1938 who was named Balga or Black Boy. He had an Aboriginal mother and an African-American father who bequeathed to him the spiky mop of hair which gave him his name. So it is said. Now read on.

Balga Boy Jackson is the long awaited new story of Mudrooroo. He returns to his roots to give us a vivid life story of an Australian Black Boy—naturally with a pun, Balga is the Australian grass tree called in Western Australia the Black Boy.

Mudrooroo, who hails from Cuballing in the West, takes us on Balga Boy’s journey to Fitzroy and Kings Cross. The late fifties and early sixties comes alive through Balga’s own Blues and musical journey, and he says: ‘This is how It was, for a lot of us.’

Old fans of Mudrooroo who enjoyed Wild Cat Falling, Dr. Wooreddy and the Master of the Ghost Dreaming series, will enjoy this audiobook and others discovering Mudrooroo for the first time will begin to understand Australia from a black and blues perspective.