Stumbling Stones

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Stumbling Stones

Stumbling Stones

A Path Through Grief, Love and Loss

By: Airdre Grant

audio performed by: Airdre Grant
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:08/15/2016


A rare, wise, and important book that explores a subject we talk very rarely about – death and loss. Through touching stories and meaningful personal journeys, Stumbling Stones examines what grief is and how we can come to live with and understand it.

Stumbling Stones is a collection of stories, case studies, and strategies that aim to help people traverse the landscape of loss and grief and to provide support through these painful transitions. With a tone of wisdom and wry, hard-won understanding, Stumbling Stones draws on literature, poetry, stories, observations and reflections to offer navigation through the unavoidable losses in life and to learn to look forward to a peaceful, happier time.

Not all loss is about death – loss can mean the loss of vitality, health, a partner, a pet, dreams, loss of a relationship, or children leaving home. Disappointment is a also key element of grief. This is a much under-recognised emotion that can govern how a person operates in the world. Airdre Grant addresses all these elements and offers suggestions for how we manage these times, how we survive, and how we develop resilience and understanding.