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Tips and Tricks to Unleash Your Brain's Full Potential

By: Neil Pavitt

audio performed by: Roger Davis
genre: Psychology/Science - Science
publication date:08/01/2017


Ever had those moments where you've been pondering a problem for ages, trying to make a decision or come up with a new idea, and then the second you get up to make a cup of tea, call a friend to talk it through, or simply decide 'sleep on it', you suddenly find the answers you're looking for, the solutions are obvious, and the new ideas just won't stop coming?

From Edison's light bulb to Hemmingway's novels and even the camouflage used by the Navy in WW1, for many years the world's greatest innovators, creators, and strategists have been harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to solve problems, generate new ideas, and make life-changing decisions; and recent advances in neuroscience have further revealed the amazing plasticity of the brain and its huge power as a processing tool. Using this knowledge of how the mind works, Brainhack reveals the ways you can use this brain power to change-up your thinking and is packed with a series of 'brainhacking' tips and tricks that will help you achieve success in your everyday life.

The book will contain over 40 brainhacks and be split into the following sections:

  • Thinking Smarter
  • Getting Started
  • Problem Solving Idea Generation
  • Breaking Through and Innovating

Each brainhack will explain:

  • A description of the technique - what do you need to do to you streamline your brain
  • The benefit - how this technique will help you and why you should do it
  • A real-world example - to bring it all to life and show you how to implement it
  • The science stuff - how this works and the brain-science behind it