Bad, Bad Prince

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Bad, Bad Prince

Bad, Bad Prince

By: Wren Williams

series:A Royal Bad Boy Romance
audio performed by: Joe Arden, Holly Adams
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:05/16/2017


Lara: Everybody knows that Prince Henry of Corso is the sexiest prince of the century. His bad boy image is hard to ignore, what - with the tattoos, the dirty mouth, and the revolving door of women, each of them hoping he'll choose her as his one and only. I couldn't care less about the prince and his cocky antics. I'm visiting his island to find peace after a tragic accident ripped my life apart. But then the sex-on-a-stick prince saves my life like some kind of superhero in a black leather jacket and shocks me with the most indecent proposal of my life. After knowing me all of a few hours, Prince Henry wants me to marry him...and have his baby!

Henry: I like my women easy, my sex rough, and most importantly, I play to win. When my father devises a test to choose which of his sons will inherit his throne, I'll take that bet and beat him at his own game. Out of nowhere, Lara Morgan comes zooming into my life, beautiful and broken and full of fire. With the perfect girl on my arm - and in my bed - that throne is mine.

But if I'm not careful, Lara Morgan will be, too. Our arrangement is supposed to be a marriage of convenience. There's nothing convenient about falling in love.