Cowboy Lassos a Bride, The

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Cowboy Lassos a Bride, The

Cowboy Lassos a Bride, The

By: Cora Seton

series:The Cowboys of Chance Creek
audio performed by: Amy Rubinate
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:06/07/2016


Jake Matheson can't get Hannah Ashton out of his mind, and he can't wait to take over the reins at his family's ranch, either. Too bad Hannah is about to leave town and his father, Holt, has no intention of retiring. In fact, he's issued an ultimatum—convince Hannah to wed in thirty days, or forget about ever running the ranch. Jake would do just about anything to keep her in Chance Creek—anything but mess with their birth control. Hannah has never been able to control herself around Jake, so when fate throws her together with him, she makes the most of it. Why not have a short-lived fling before she leaves town to go to veterinary school? But when their birth control fails it seems all too convenient a way to keep her in town when she's determined to leave.

Will the truth bring them together? Or tear them apart for good?