Sexual State of the Union, The

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Sexual State of the Union, The

Sexual State of the Union, The

By: Susie Bright

audio performed by: Susie Bright
genre: Psychology/Science - Sociology
publication date:05/17/2016


Susie Bright is a sexual liberationist of the highest order. The Sexual State of the Union includes essays about dirty pictures and porn, lesbian marriage and lesbian murder, lesbian men and switching genders, vibrators, and the longevity of feminism. The writing is crisp, intelligent, and provocative; there is sure to be something that will make you cheer as well as something that will deeply offend you.

Much of Bright's writing is personal, based on conversations and relationships with queer friends of different genders and sexualities. One of her most impressive strengths is her ability to forthrightly ask obvious questions—"Why did you want to change your gender?" "Why do you want to be hurt?"—without presupposing either judgement or an answer. Bright's mind is open and fertile, curious, and eager.