Highland Hawk

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Highland Hawk

Highland Hawk

By: Lois Greiman

series:Highland Brides #7
audio performed by: Gemma Johansson
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:05/17/2016


Scotland, 1524

Known as the Hawk, ruggedly handsome Haydn McGowan is the most loyal and fearsome warrior in the king's guard. Invulnerable to the temptations of boozing and women, Haydn shares his secrets with no one¿

Until the enchanting Catriona, a gypsy lass, enters the castle to perform with her family and troop for the young King James. Sensuous, erotic and wild, Cat is everything that Haydn shuns in his life as a warrior. But try as he might, Haydn can't resist the charms of this alluring girl even though he's certain she's hiding secrets of her own.

It's true that Catriona is on a mission, a desperate one at that and the man standing in her way is a very big and decidedly sexy obstacle. Seduction is her game and, surely, this rugged soldier won't be too much of a challenge¿

But an unexpected passion grows between the gypsy lass and the single-minded hero—a passion and sensual love that neither wants to ignore. Each has secrets worth hiding, but so much more to lose if they can't reveal their hearts¿