Young Hearts Crying

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Young Hearts Crying

Young Hearts Crying

By: Richard Yates

audio performed by: Marc Vietor
genre: Literary Fiction - Literary Fiction
publication date:02/23/2016


In Young Hearts Crying, Yates movingly portrays a man and a woman from their courtship and marriage in the 1950s to their divorce in the 70s, chronicling their heartbreaking attempts to reach their highest ambitions.

Michael Davenport dreams of being a poet after returning home from World War II Europe, and at first, he and his new wife, Lucy, enjoy their life together. But as the decades pass and the success of others creates an oppressive fear of failure in both Michael and Lucy, their once bright future gives way to a life of adultery and isolation.

With empathy and grace, Yates creates a poignant novel of the desires and disasters of a tragic, hopeful couple.