You Don't Look Like Your Picture

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You Don't Look Like Your Picture

You Don't Look Like Your Picture

By: Vanessa Hua, Tova Mirvis, Deni Bechard, Namwali Serpell, Justin Kennan

audio performed by: Fleet Cooper
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:08/02/2016


A disgraced Hong Kong pop star wavers between acceptance and revenge after a sex tape scandal. An OKCupid hookup becomes a missed connection even while it's happening. A couple's quest for ever-safer sex leads to a near-fatal love triangle.

In DailyLit's first short story bundle, six very different writers explore the ways our digital obsessions have (and haven't) transformed the way we love. Award-winning and best-selling novelists Adam Haslett, Tova Mirvis, and Deni Bechard are paired here with exciting new voices Vanessa Hua, Justin Keenan, and Namwali Serpell for a listening experience that moves between domestic tragedy and weird, sexy sci-fi, international revenge plots and fantasies not even big enough for two.