Radiant Resolution, A

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Radiant Resolution, A

Radiant Resolution, A

By: Kennedy Chase

series:Witches of Hemlock Cove #10
audio performed by: Gabra Zackman
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Paranormal
publication date:04/09/2019


In what is Grace's last case, she faces her biggest test yet. Amber, the young apprentice and Zach's girlfriend, has gone missing. A strange man arrives at the Angelo guesthouse and requests their help to find her. All he knows is that she's been kidnapped by rogue members of Amber's family.   

Grace and the others will have to leave the comfort of their home town and travel to the city in order to find Amber and learn the dark secrets of her family. Out of her comfort zone, Grace learns more about the supernatural world than she could have ever imagined, but if she's to save Amber, she'll need to adjust quickly and bring her own skills to the forefront.