Trouble with Andrew, The

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Trouble with Andrew, The

Trouble with Andrew, The

By: Heather Graham

audio performed by: Cassandra Livingston
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:07/07/2015
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For single mother Katie Wells, there are two Hurricane Andrews wreaking havoc on her heart.

Hurricane Andrew rages through Southern Florida with the force of God's wrath. In the blink of an eye, Katie Wells' Miami home is destroyed, her former life gone. All she wants now is to make sure her young son stays safe. Rescue arrives in the form of Andrew Cunningham, the architect who built her house.

As neighbors work together to rebuild, Katie realizes she's starting to fall for Drew. But something doesn't add up. With devastation all around them, why did a few houses—including his—remain standing? Her quest for answers uncovers a twisting trail of sabotage and cover-up that conceals the shocking truth about Andrew.

Heather Graham uses her firsthand knowledge of one of the last century's worst natural disasters to weave an unforgettable love story that's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.