Threatcon Delta

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Threatcon Delta

Threatcon Delta

By: Andrew Britton

series:Ryan Kealey Series #7
audio performed by: David LeDoux
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:09/22/2015


In the bestselling tradition of Tom Clancy and Brad Thor, New York Times bestselling author Andrew Britton’s pulse-pounding international thriller featuring recurring protagonist Ryan Kealey appears ripped from today’s headlines!

“Britton’s plots seem to jump straight out of the headlines.” —St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Well written and exciting…perfect escape reading!” —Tampa Tribune on The American

Ryan Kealey has no doubt that the forces seeking to tip this teetering world into chaos are just getting better. Better equipped, better organized, and, most terrifying of all, more patient. And despite all the ELINT, the all-seeing electronic intelligence gathered at Langley, nothing stops a devastating attack from ripping through the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

Wrenched from retirement to work the Texas tragedy, Kealey learns of a far greater threat in the Middle East. A radical terrorist group claims possession of a powerful ancient relic, the Staff of Moses, which they will use to unleash plagues across the globe. To avert unimaginable devastation, lone-wolf Kealey, armed with little more than intuition, must prevent a disaster of biblical proportions that may well be inevitable.