Davo's Little Something

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Davo's Little Something

Davo's Little Something

By: Robert G. Barrett

audio performed by: Dino Marnika
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:06/15/2015


All easy-going butcher Bob Davis wanted after his divorce was to get on with his job, have a few beers with his mates, and be left alone. But this was Sydney in the early Eighties—the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic, street gangs, gay bashings, and murders.

When a gang of skinheads bash Davo's old school friend to death simply because he was gay, and leave Davo almost dead in an intensive care unit, they unleash a crazed killer onto the city streets. Before the summer had ended, over thirty corpses had turned up in the morgue, leaving two bewildered detectives to find out where they were coming from.