Gunman's Reckoning

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Gunman's Reckoning

Gunman's Reckoning

By: Max Brand

audio performed by: Al Kessel
genre: Fiction - Western
publication date:01/03/2017


Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944) was a prolific writer that wrote under a number of pseudonyms. One of these was Max Brand.

Gunman's Reckoning is the story of a drifter who is given the job of righting a wrong. In the midst of carrying out his task, he finds out that he was not told the entire truth. He continues anyway, because in doing the job, he has stumbled on the answer to a long quest of his own.

This book is a Western romance that has a bit of everything: love, mystery, lies, action and humor. It's a must read for all those who love Westerns.