Best American Erotica, Volume 5, The

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Best American Erotica, Volume 5, The

Best American Erotica, Volume 5, The

The Confessional

By: Michael Lowenthal, Susie Bright, Lucy Taylor

audio performed by: Gabrielle de Cuir, Richard J. Brewer, Pamella D'Pella
genre: Romance - Erotica
publication date:08/02/2016


Featuring erotic stories by Michael Thomas Ford, Tsaurah Litzky, Michael Lowenthal, and Nancy Kilpatrick.

The Best American Erotica, Volume 5, is the ideal collection for all lovers of first-rate erotic literary fiction.

Included in this collection:

  • "Mate" by Lauren P. Burka
  • "My Professor" by Ivy Topiary
  • "Lunch" by Mark Stuertz
  • "What He Did" by Thomas Roche
  • "She Gets Her Ass F—ked Good" by Rose White and Eric Albert
  • "Queer Punk" by Bob Vickery
  • "Virtue Is its Own Reward" by Tsaurah Litzky
  • "Bajando La Luna" by Ioana dp Valencia
  • "The Case of the Demon Lover" by Nancy Kilpatrick
  • "Day of Atonement: Confessional" by Michael Lowenthal
  • "Behind the Mask" by Serena Moloch
  • "What?" by Marcy Sheiner
  • "Spanish Moss" by Stephen Spotte
  • "A Puja to Ganesha" by Simon Sheppard
  • "Tumors&Humors" by Joe Maynard
  • "Real" by Bill Brent
  • "Feeding Frenzy" by Ted Blumberg
  • "Dictation" by E. R. Stewart
  • "The Butch's New Clothing" by Mike Ford and Isobel Bird
  • "Soap and Water" by Allegra Long
  • "How Coyote Stole the Sun" by M. Christian

Previously published as Best American Erotica 1997.