Best of Best American Erotica, The Final Edition, The

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Best of Best American Erotica, The Final Edition, The

Best of Best American Erotica, The Final Edition, The

By: Susie Bright, Alicia Gifford, Rowan Elizabeth

audio performed by: Don Leslie, Kathe Mazur, Susie Bright, Theo McKell
genre: Romance - Erotica
publication date:08/02/2016


The final edition of the bestselling Best American Erotica series, featuring erotic stories by: Susie Bright, Steven Saylor, Greta Christina, and Alicia Gifford.

In Susie Bright's own contribution, "Story of O Birthday Party," she recounts her lover's elaborately orchestrated birthday gift: a re-creation of Pauline Réage's classic S/M tale, with Susie at the center of the action. Joe Maynard enters a love/hate relationship with a two-million-dollar sex toy in "Fleshlight." Greta Christina's "Are We Having Sex Now or What?" asks the provocative question: What defines authentic sexual connection and experience?

Included in this collection:

  • "Halves" by Rowan Elizabeth
  • "Surviving Darwin" by Alicia Gifford
  • "Playing Doctor" by Eloise Chagrin
  • "Innocence in Extremis" by Debra Boxer
  • "The Program" by G. Bonhomme
  • "The Letters" by Eric Albert
  • "The Desires of Houses" by Haddayr Copley-Woods
  • "Horny" by Greg Boyd
  • "Pinkie" by Jennifer D. Munro
  • "Three Obscene Phone Calls" by Marian Phillips
  • "Tennessee" by Patrice Suncircle
  • "Up for a Nickel" by Thomas S. Roche
  • "This Isn't About Love" by Susan St. Aubin
  • "Blue Light" by Steven Saylor, writing as Aaron Travis

Previously published as Best American Erotica 2008.