Fidel & Gabo

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Fidel & Gabo

Fidel & Gabo

A Portrait of the Legendary Friendship Between Fidel Castro and Gabriel Garcia Marquez

By: Angel Esteban, Stephanie Panichelli

audio performed by: Marianne Fruelo
genre: Biography - Biography
publication date:06/28/2016
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The story of the controversial friendship between Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garíca Márquez and Fidel Castro

In Fidel and Gabo, Márquez scholars Ángel Esteban and Stéphanie Panichelli examine this strange, intimate, and incredibly controversial friendship between the beloved author and Cuban dictator, exposing facets of their personalities never before revealed to the greater public. For years, Márquez, long fascinated with power, solicited and flattered Castro in hopes of a personal audience, for he viewed Castro's Cuba as the model on which Latin American would one day build its own brand of socialism.

Fidel and Gabo is a vivid and in-depth look at two of the most influential men of the modern era, their worlds, and the effect this friendship has had on their life and works.